About TheVolt High School

About TheVolt High School

About TheVolt High School

REVOLT - Repelling and defying the odds.

Revolting against the status quo and going against the norms.

The norm that as young people we should try experiment with sex, drugs oe alcohol, you were not born to fit in you were born to LEAD.


So therefore the REVOLT foundation has been established

From that foundation we will be calling our MOVEMENT - ThEVOLt

Our Passion: The prophet Joel wrote that there is a time coming when the Spirit will be poured out on all flesh; your young men shall see vision and your sons and daughters shall prophesy. We believe that this is the time Joel prophesied about. Revolutions, historically, are born when the youth gather with one cause to change the status quo. This is TheVolt, we refuse to accept things the way they are, we shall not rest until God has established our cities as the praise of the nations (Isaiah 62:3)

Our vision: is to see young people serve God with a zeal unquencheable, our High schools as fields of salvations. We have declared WAR on the world pop-culture, We are in this world but not of it. We represent a new generation, a cross generation, a counter cultlure, a Holy culture. By mentoring and inspiring people to become leaders and world changers in their own spheres. With hundreds of connect cell groups in various homes, schools and just about anywhere we can gather and talk about Jesus!