About 3C Kidz

About 3C Kidz

Welcome to 3CKidz! where kids discover and develop God’s dream for their lives. 3CKidz! is the children’s ministry of 3C. All potty trained toddlers through 7th graders are welcome to be a part of our awesome Kidzone.

Ages 2-13 Superstars is a programme especially developed for the special needs child aged 2-13. We engage our superstars with activities and teachings to stimulate them to become all God intended them to be.
Ages 2-5 At TbT we cater for potty trained infants through preschoolers (2-5yrs). Our preschool programme’s main aim is to allow these young and very impressionable children to discover the love of God in a caring environment. Tickety-boo means to be carefree. Even though it comes naturally at their age our goal is to teach children to love and trust God. We teach the major biblical principles in a creative and fun way, laying a much required foundation for the developing of God’s dream for their lives at a very early age.
Ages 6-9 Kids Club is a fun place where children are developed in their relationship with God and with other children.
Our Gr0-Gr3 (6-9yrs) kids are at an age where they can understand and choose salvation for themselves.

Ages 10-11

We teach them to hear the voice of God, to speak to the Lord as their friend and many more truths that develop
their faith and Christian character.No fears, no regrets. What a joy to be able to minister to teenagers in a relevant and radical way.

Xtreme is what we need our teenagers to be when it comes to living for God. We teach Gr4-Gr5 (10-11yrs) youth the uncompromised Word of God and just how they can walk in God’s purpose for their lives. We have a radical approach and insist that serving God is the coolest thing for one and all. With their own dance and worship teams, encounter camps, cells and training they are truly empowered for life and the serving of others by living xtreme lives for Christ.

TheVolt Jnr.

Ages 12-13

Our Gr 6-7’s are challenged every week to face life with attitude – being unashamed of their faith, standing for justice and mercy in a world of compromise and conformity. We equip them with the knowledge and revelation of who God is and who they are in Christ so that our teenagers live life with courage and conviction for His glory.