Television Schedule

Television Schedule

DSTV channel 341 PAS 7/10

Wednesday & Thursday Evenings

21h30-22h00 CAT

Wednesday & Thursday Evenings

21h30-22h00 CAT


DSTV channel 343  

Sunday evenings - 3cLive (18h00 CAT)



You can join pastor Bert Pretorius live every Wednesday morning on Impact Radio(103FM) at 09h30 - 11h00


TBN Free to air


What do you need to do to receive TBN?

The only thing you need in order to receive TBN, is a DSTV system.


  1. Purchase the decoder from any outlet that sells the DStv system. (In the the package, a smart card will be included with installetion voucher.)
  2. To activate your smart card, phone Multichoice service number (011)289-2222 and select option number one. (Billing)
  3. They will give you a customer number and require a once-off fee of R500 to activate your card. (Thereafter there will be an annual fee of R180)
  4. Payment to Multichoice can be done electronically or with your credit card.
  5. Once your card is activated, select channel 77 on your decoder
  6. Sit back and enjoy 24 hours of Christian Television!
  7. For information concerning viewing on TBN please go to


CTV Channel

CTV Channel offers dedicated Christian programming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the Public Bouquet of Multichoice. If you have a Multichoice contract you can set up your decoder to receive CTV Channel at no extra charge.

Setting up your Multichoice decoder to receive CTV Channel:

  1. On your Multichoice decoder, go to channel 99 and follow the simple instructions on the TV screen to verify if you can upgrade your software (Older decoders that CANNOT upgrade will NOT be able to receive CTV Channel)
  2. On your REMOTE CONTROL press the MENU button
  3. Press 6 for ADVANCED OPTIONS
  4. Press 1 for DISH INTALLATIONS
  5. Enter PIN code: 9949
  6. Press 1 for LNB CONFIGURATION and press OK
  7. Press 2 for LNB 2 SETUP (Option A, Position B) and press OK
  8. Press 1 for LNB. It should be "DISABLED". Press OK
  9. Press the 'left arrow' button (<) once, 'DISABLED' should now change to 'ENABLED'. Press OK
  10. Go to Option 8, 'ACCEPT THESE SETTINGS' and Press OK
  11. Press EXIT once
  13. Press 2 for NETWORK 2 SETUP. (If 2 is grayed out, use NETWORK 3 SETUP.)
  14. On SIGNAL SETUP press the OK to highlight DISABLED
  15. Press 'Right arrow' (>) to change ENABLED and press OK
  16. Make sure #2 'ORBITAL POSITION' is PAS7/10
  17. Make sure #3 'USE NIT' is YES
  18. Press 4 for FREQUENCY: (You may need to press OK Before the next step)
  19. Press 'Left arrow' button (<) 5 times
  20. Enter 11674 and press OK to save
  21. Press 5 for SYMBOL RATE: (you may need to press OK before the next step)
  22. Press the 'left arrow' button (<) 5 times
  23. Enter 26652 and OK to save
  24. Make sure #6 'POLARIZATION' is VERTICAL
  25. Pres 7 for FEC (you may need to press OK before the next step
  26. Press 'left arrow' button (<) 3 times until it reads 5/6
  27. Press OK button to save
  28. Press 8 to VIEW SIGNAL STRENGTH, then press OK button to save
  29. When saved press EXIT One time only!
  30. Press 4 to SCAN ALL NETWORKS
  31. After Scanning process is complete, receiver may go to channel 1 or to another DSTV channel
  32. Go to channel 4 which should be MOVIE MAGIC


Switching to the CTV Channel from your normal viewing:

  1. On your remote control, press TV button
  2. Press the 'Up Arrow' button on your remote
  3. Find and select PUBLIC PAS 7/10 and press OK
  4. Press the P+ button on your remote until you find the CTV CHANNEL
  5. For DSTV, press the TV button on your remote and select DSTV